Meet Molly

Owner, Baker, Sugar Flower Artist

The daughter of a potter and a goldsmith, as I handcraft sugar flowers and frost cakes on my turntable, I see my parents’ life work reflected in my own.

I love crafting. I love food. Cake decorating seemed like the perfect combination. I started using baking as an outlet at a young age. It felt like meditation. Focusing on a recipe, tinkering with the ingredients till it was just what I was looking for brought me peace of mind. My experience with baking grew as I worked in several different bakeries. Eventually, I discovered the wide world of decorating cakes and found myself jumping down the rabbit’s hole.

I’ve sunk my roots in the Methow Valley in North Central Washington, a truly magical place that inspires my creations. Living in a destination wedding town, I am so excited to offer beautiful, delicious cakes perfectly customized to each individual couple’s vision and their guest’s dietary needs. Let’s get a cup a tea or a glass of wine, meet at the park, or your favorite coffee shop and dream up an edible work of art.